The Continents





Introduction to the Continents

There are only a limited number of continents and a lot is known about some and less about others.

I don't intend to write an extensive introduction about continents here as there are much better sites for that.

Suffice to say that I would like to eventually visit all of them including Antarctica.

Accordingly, I have set the basic structure up to allow for this ambition, even if I have nothing significant to say about them at the moment.

Whilst the structure of this travelogue will be a combination of Continents and Oceans, and this is the Continents segment, there are exceptions. For instance Great Britain has it's own sections for holidays, or short breaks. After all, it is my home country. Another exception is The Grand Tour, but this is just an alternative route in the menus to the same trips within the respective continents.

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Encouner Overland expeditions from Great Britain to South Africa, Southbound, and South Africa to Great Britain, together with the layover in between the two expeditions.

Flight to Cape Town and a few days playing the tourist before going to Namibia for a self drive safari.

Two personal overland trips from Great Britain to Nepal in 1975 and 1977. The first with a Bedford box lorry, and the second with a Ford truck and a Bedford coach.

Followed by an Encounter Overland Asian Expedition in a Bedford ex-military 4x4 as leader / driver with passengers.

Holidays and short breaks in Europe. Overland travel through Europe as part of a trip is covered with the rest of the trip to the relevant continent. Holidays to Iceland and Norway among others. Trips into the Arctic. On land and sea. In summer and winter.

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