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Trip data for El Jem

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Location   El Jem, Tunisia
Lat Long   35.296315, 10.706777
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Arrival date (dd/mm/yyyy)   Sunday 18/02/1979
Departure date   Sunday 18/02/1979
Approximate time   Lunchtime
Activities   Visit to Amphitheatre and surrounding area
Arrived from    Overnight campsite south of Carthage, Tunis
Route taken   Possibly via P1
Road surface   Probably paved throughout
Next destination    Matmatat-Al-Qadimal, Tunisia
Anticipated route    P1 and C107
(Based on recent Google Map routes)    
Approximate distance travelled     140 m / 220 km
Approximate duration    4 hrs
Average speed   35 mph
Approximate distance to next destination   150 m / 250 km
Anticipated duration   4 hrs
Average speed   35 mph


Four small maps showing; Departed from, Location, Going to, and a Close up


Trip data for Encounter Overland Expedition 1979 - Africa Southbound


Departure date London    
Arrival date in Africa   Saturday 17/02/1979
Trip day number    
Africa day number   2
Arrival date Johannesburg    
Planned duration    
Actual duration    
 Mode of Transport    Bedford MJ 4x4 reg WBH 646S

The maps below are indicative only. Some of the detail of the routes at road and town level is approximate. New roads and bypasses have been built and some roads closed. At country level the maps are correct.

Map of Part 2 of Encounter Overland Expedition 1979 - Africa Southbound - North Africa

Map of the whole of Encounter Overland Expedition 1979 - Africa Southbound

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