1st Hospital


Khorixas State Hospital

 It was early in the morning the day after the accident when we arrived at the first hospital. All was quiet with hardly a sound and barely any movement. The hospital was asleep. Until we arrived and rudely woke it up. In reality, there was a small reception party ready for our arrival.

 David and I were moved into a large room with three curtained cubicles. David was put in the centre one, and I was in the corner.

 There were two nurses and a doctor in attendance. It later transpired that the one doctor covered the hospital, the town, and the local region. A lot for one person. The town was a regional centre with a population of about 6000. Our medical notes were recorded in a pink covered 'Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Antenatal Care Record' booklet. We were signed in on the 8/11/2016 at 01:19.

 David was now conscious and lucid, and was in a much better state than during the heat of the day. His need was evidently still greater than mine and appropriately he was tended to first. Then it was my turn. I was genuinely impressed with the figure of eight strapping and sling. It immobilized my broken collar bone very effectively. You can imagine being injured one day and being back in the fields the next, caring for the crops that will keep the family alive.

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The end of the road


The end of the road, at least for our Safari

First thing to remember, is that it could have been worse. A lot worse.

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Picking up the car from Thrifty Car Rental

We found the Thrifty Car Rental kiosk inside the airport among all the other car rental kiosks. There we met again the tourist who had given us his pen to fill out the immigration form. A plane load of people, all required to fill in immigration forms and only one pencil between all. Note to self, next time, bring plenty of cheap pens, but for this time go the the supermarket somewhere and buy some.

Suddenly, we were all plunged into darkness as all the lights in the airport went out. Fortunately the guys credit card transaction had just completed before the power cut.

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Arrived in Namibia

Restart the day counter to one, and the date is 30th October 2016. All is well. We flew up from Cape town in a South African Airways Embraer 135. The branding was Airlink, but the sevice was the same high quality. Even though the flight was a short 2hrs they still found time to feed and water us. There was only one stewardess, but there were only a maximum of 37 passengers on the plane. With the leather seats arranged one and two across a single central isle, there was only space for a single stewardess. Have I given the impression that it was a small plane yet?

Take off confirmed it. A visibly steep climb angle, seen by either looking along the seat backs or out of the window. In next to no time we we approaching Windhoek International Airport. It is not serving a huge population and is therefore not required to be huge and complex itself. Quick as a flash we were through the formalities, with a new stamp in our passports, and on our way to pick up our trusty stead for the next nineteen days. A 4x4 pickup with a canopy. A Nissan NP300

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Trans Kalahari Inn - our 1st night in Namibia


Trans Kalahari Inn

We arrived at reception to a warm welcome. Our chalet was number five, just at the end of the terrace.

After the back seat was emptied of all our clutter we went to open the canopy for our luggage. However, as much as we tried to jiggle the keys in the same way as Henry had locked it, we could not get in. It could wait until later.

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