The flat tyre

Beware the bain of the car tyre. Car tyre punctures appear to be the problem of the user, but you are not allowed to have the tyre repaired. You get a puncture and and you, the user has to buy a new tyre. It is almost as if the car hire company never ever has to buy a new tyre, due to the punters having to keep buying new ones before the old ones have worn out sufficiently for the hire company to agree to replacement.

We came back to the hotel after a splendid meal and noticed that the rear driver's side tyre was a little low on the pressure side.

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Arrived in Cape Town

Today, 26 October 2016, David and I arrived in Cape Town for the first time. This is the beginning of our Namibian adventure. Well you all know that Cape Town is in South Africa, but Cape Town is said to be a good city to visit, so this is the stopover before the proper start of our Safari. A kind of pre holiday wind down.

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