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This is the start of my overland travelling and how I caught the travel bug


Start here to get an idea of the backstory. Click on the sub-categories, introduction, background, overlanding, and people to get the full backstory or just dip in and out. The articles on overlanding are particularly interesting. The world has changed since the heyday of overland travel, and this offers a glimpse into the past. A chance to reminisce.



A brief introduction to the travelogue.

A brief background to my travel experiences. An introduction to Encounter Overland and how I joined EO.

The people articles are about people I have travelled with or met on the way. Combined it will be a fairly fluid page with additions as stories develop within other parts of the site.

I will create a short bio of the person, as they were at the time, generally with a photo. I don't intent to update the bio to reflect their current position, irrespective of whether I have kept in touch with them or not.

How to order the list is difficult as I don't know at the start how many people I will eventually add. I will discount alphabetical (either forename or surname) an just group the people into categories, generally to do with the circumstances of how I met them.

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