Helvellyn after striding edge.

Family trips and holidays as a teenager


In no specific order, here are a few photos of family day trips and holidays whilst I was a youngster, in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. We never travelled abroad as I was growing up. My parents did go to Italy together after I had left home. Their only venture overseas together.

My Auntie Elsie was Housekeeper/Cook for as long as I can remember, until she retired, at Toc H at Putney, London. I visited with my parents and grandparents. The photo is of the staff on the steps with Auntie Elsie front row, second from left.

The steps of Toc H Putney London

Whilst at sixth form college, there was a school trip to Rydal Hall in the Lake District. It has a different purpose now, but then it put up with students and school kids. As part of the introduction we were told that there was a heated pool around the back. This translated to a waterfall with a pond at the bottom, slightly dammed to make it deeper, and slightly warmer. It was still cold at 3am. Our little group, fit and slim in those days, tended to be in front of the pack on the mountain walks. We would have the kettle on and the tea brewing before the next group arrived. This was no doubt infuriating as we would also set off again first. If we waited at a rest break, we would leave just as they caught up. We were known to stride with intent across Striding Edge Cumbria and got to Helvellyn in time to take some photos. We also managed to get to the pub or cafe first, at the end of each days walk. Not a lot of sleep, lots of walking, and a penny whistle. The photos below are by Robert Sanders, with thanks. The photo at the pool is in the early morning. I am still surprised that it came out.









The next photo was taken by my Dad at Bramdean Common, Alresford, Hampshire. I am on the left, aged about 11, with my Great Aunt Dorcas, Nan, Mum, and Granddad. Now, to put this in perspective,it is only 25 miles away from our home at the time, but it was a very memorable journey. Distances were different in 1960s.

Great Aunt Dorcas at Bramdean

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