A collection of stories about my years of overland travel, holidays, and short breaks, around the world.


This is the entrance to my new Travelogue

It covers a huge scope from 1m above sea level in the photo of Holiday Island beach, Maldives to 5681m at Gillman's Point (aka Gilman's), Kilimanjaro. Both are close to the equator, but totally different environments. There are more extremes inside. In fact, the range is greater than that as there is some underwater photography included, and a few aerial shots. There are even some photos from space, but I did not take those personally. Enjoy the adventure, navigating around the site.

 Maldives beach walk 500k

 The previous travelogue website was self built using code in either; Microsoft Expression and Microsoft Visual Studio both of which had the benefit of Silverlight and Deep Zoom. Layout is completely controlled by the code and has to be checked against various browsers and sizes. This version of the travelogue is built in a Content Management System, Joomla. Which frees up time to write rather than code. Joomla and the browser control the layout, based on a template. You, the reader chose what you want to read, or which pictures to look at, hopefully in an immersive and responsive way.

The old travelogue site can still be found by clicking here.


 Below is the latest addition to the travel family, to be read in conjunction with this website. View in new window at ArcGIS StoryMaps.